Where The Ocean Meets The Land

Oftentimes we find ourselves in the tension, standing where the ocean meets the land. What lies behind us is a life so safe, so predictable. Where daring to dream and stepping into those dreams seems but a mere whisper. We are overwhelmed by uncharted waters. Fear grips us with the questions we are so often afraid to ask.
"Does the place we are in call us higher?" " Does it draw unkindled passions out of us, to what we are truly made for?"
What we permit in our lives will increase, just as we soon become the company we keep.
Fear, even in its inferiority has a way of paralysing us. Fear is not something to be harboured or kept.

"Love overcomes all fear; Love conquers all."

Still, there is a stirring. A deep longing and yearning in our hearts. One that cannot be tamed. Passions rooted from infinity past find the need to come through; they must come through.
In this moment we are left with a choice. To either stand on the shore where all things are safe and comfortable or to let all that we know fall way. We are left to take that first step, where we so daringly move into uncharted waters. Here we defy what is known. Here, the truth stands above and apart from what we have come to know. Choosing to walk uncharted waters simply means choosing the harder road. The road less travelled. It is never easy and oftentimes painful. But it is honest and true. To do this takes great strength. It also takes faith; a faith we possess but so rarely see in ourselves. We do so in a grace and strength not of our own. A confidence greater than our own.
With each step we are drawn closer, we move deeper and go further into the unknown. Our gaze than turns from what lies behind us to what is before us. With hope and possibility we are filled with wonder. Starry-eyed, we gaze straight into the eyes of Love. A love that overcomes all fear; a love that conquers all. He conquers all.
It is here we are made whole. It is here in our weakness we are made strong. It is here we begin to take flight.

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