Supporting Vulnerable Women


Artisan and goldsmith, Jane Bannor found her love of crafting jewellery accidentally, whilst volunteering at a charity and programme for vulnerable women called 'The Waterfall' - in the city of Southampton where she worked as a newly qualified nurse.
She spent her Tuesday's in 2013 volunteering and leading the women in times of prayer and song to help encourage them in their new journey. With this, Jane felt she could do more for the women who accessed the services at The Waterfall. With her love of creativity, she decided to teach herself how to make jewellery, and in turn, host jewellery making sessions for the women as part of a creative outlet. She subsequently started Feathers & Wings and was able to donate a portion of her sales to the charity until it's dissolution in 2019. Jane continued to do volunteer work in London supporting similar charities that gave aid to vulnerable women and provided creative outlet sessions for these women.
In summer 2024, Feathers & Wings became a charitable partner of The Luminary Bakery, a charity and social enterprise enterprise empowering women who have faced social disadvantage, helping them gain independence once again.

The Luminary Bakery

Their Story...

"Luminary is an innovative response to a need we saw for women who have had a social and economic disadvantage. We are a social enterprise designed to offer opportunities for women to build a future for themselves. We provide a safe and professional environment where women can grow holistically – encouraging ambition, restoration and second chances."

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Philanthropic Timeline

Jane starts volunteer work at The Waterfall Charity.
Late 2013, she decides to teach herself how to make jewellery and in turn, teaches the women of The Waterfall as part of their creative therapy session.
Jane launches Feathers and Wings. A jewellery brand creating silver pieces and demi-fine jewellery. She also becomes a charitable partner to The Waterfall, donating 10% of all sales to the charity.
During this time Jane is able to donate to The Waterfall, additionally raising awareness of the charity and their rehabilitation work.
In the year 2018, Jane focuses her efforts into working with Vulnerable Women in London (with the charity Refuge), continuing to teach them how to make jewellery as part of creative therapy.
This year sees the dissolution of The Waterfall.
Jane relaunches the process of becoming a charitable partner after having gained further skills in jewellery making and gaining a Diploma Certificate in Fine Jewellery, as well as becoming an Ambassador for Fairtrade Gold.
June 2024 sees Feathers & Wings partnering with The Luminary Bakery, with a focus on donating 10% of each sale to the charity.


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