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Feathers And Wings Fine Jewellery is an independent jewellery studio created with the intention to display beauty, grace and simplicity through a creative medium. Based in London UK, metalsmith and maker, Jane Bannor, specialises in solid gold and silver jewellery, solely crafting each piece by hand. Her materials are sustainably sourced and her pieces are crafted with the earth in mind. Jane’s belief is that true beauty lies within, aside from today’s cultural strive for perfection; that it lies in life’s precious and unique moments. It is here that her inspiration is found from the moments in life we each create. With the hope of capturing such moments, she presents a collection of timeless, golden treasures that exude both beauty and light.
Pieces that are to be worn by you and passed down to yours. Feathers And Wings is not just just another jewellery brand, but a community built on individual women making conscious choices to purchase jewellery that is both ethically made and consciously crafted, following each of them along their life’s journey adding to the memory of each day.

"He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings shall you trust. His truth shall be your shield and buckler." - Psalm 91v4

Meet The Maker

Jane Bannor
Designer, Metalsmith

Jane's earliest memory of jewellery is of her Mother. She would always adorn herself in stacking bangles, elaborate necklaces and gemstone rings. A trait seen amongst the nobles of her heritage: Ghana's Asante culture. Some of these items were passed on to her. It is a pastime sewn into the heart of Feathers And Wings.

In 2014, Jane spent her Tuesdays volunteering with the women from 'The Waterfall', a women's recovery group. Having taught herself how to make jewellery, she in turn, taught the women as part of their creative outlet session. It was here that her love of crafting jewellery was born.  

Jane started Feathers and Wings not only to do more for The Waterfall by giving her time and donating to the charity, but to encourage others that it is possible to do and achieve all that you dare to dream. With Feathers and Wings, she was able to combine her love for the arts with the gift of compassion.

Further gaining a certificate in fine jewellery amongst other traditional metalsmithing methods, as well as becoming an ambassador for Fairtrade Gold, she uses these techniques and ethical standards to craft lifetime treasures that will be worn by you and yours. Modern heirlooms that excite you, jewels that reignite joy from a special day and also remind you of the strength you hold.  


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