Love From David's Tent '15

The beauty that was David's Tent.
I can't even begin to express the overwhelming joy I felt being there. The people I met and the experiences lived. Thank you to all who bought pieces, encouraged me in this beautiful craft, wanted to know more about The Waterfall or simply just wanted to know more about the vision I had.

I also want to take a moment to encourage those with similar hearts to mine. I met a few with both a compassionate and creative heart. Those with a burning desire to help others and those who simply want to create but haven't quite taken the first step. It was such an honour and a privilege to just sit and talk about all that was close to you and what you hoped to see come to fruition.

To you:
I hope to meet you again someday, this side of heaven. I hope when I do you have achieved at least one of the dreams bubbling in that beautiful heart of yours. I hope fear never held you back. I pray courage is yours; yours you are using step by step. Our God is not a God who despises small things. It is these things He honours and remembers. Give it all form Him. Do it all for Him. Your time is now.


love & light

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